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Moving Day Has Arrived!

Oh my gosh our junk is finally in the house and it is chaos, wonderful, crazy, messy chaos.  I’m so glad it’s all here.  Now, to find a place for everything.  This house is big, but there is no storage in the way of an attic or basement or crawlspace or shed for those random items like the TV’s box, the golf clubs, and those spare chairs that somehow made their way here (oops, thought they were on the other side of the garage).  The plan was to stuff it in the 4th bedroom, which could also be my sewing room, which could also be a bike room, which could also be for guests (who’s coming first???).  We’ll see about that.  Bryan is currently on the lookout for an under-the-front-porch storage project solution.  I think he will figure it out!  Until then here are some pics:

Here is the house… it’s the second one with the big balcony and our Outback out front

How we have been eating night night mush… and anything else:

our couch in the living room:

How many people does it take to hook up the internet?

yippee, the moving truck!

6 crates!

The kitchen begins

here is the storage/sewing/gear/guest room

look, mom, that protective cover you made for the dresser kept it nice and clean!

after unpacking the kitchen

almost done

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