Fun at the Fest

This past weekend we enjoyed some local flavor at the Osan American Korean Friendship Festival.  At the festival the kids liked riding on some rides at the park across from our house. In fact, the festival ran along the roads between the back gate, near our house, all the way to the front gate.  It was quite a big thing for Songtan!  Anyway,  Avi wanted to ride the swinging boat so I crowded on with him and Zoe and then it was obvious he was going to be sick.  So, I gave the X sign with my fingers and the ride operator let me and Avi off.  I was sooooo glad because I think I would’ve gotten yucky feeling too.  The thing went forever!!  Zoe and her belly of steel loved it.  After that she did the giant bungy trampoline and got some cotton candy.  Avi rode the much-milder choo train.  We walked around, got some food and ran into some friends.  It was a fun evening.

Zoe loving the boat swing

whoo hoo

Avi on the train

at the festival!

NOT what we had for dinner.

the kids really liked this Native American band


our stroller is the best!  It can hold two kids easily.

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