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So my little man Avi is such a super fun guy!  We have gotten to spend a lot more one on one time together lately with Zoe in school and it’s such an amazing thing to watch his interests blossom.

Avi loves WORMS in an incredible way.  If I find a worm in the backyard and simply yell, “Avi
Worm” he will drop anything he is doing or eating and come running for it.  He will then carry it around the rest of the day, put it in his trains or cars, dig at it with his digger, and eventually try to shove it back into the ground.  They have a 50/50 shot at survival.

He also still recognizes FLAMINGO’S as being something super fun and worth pointing out.  He was introduced to these while camping with Nan and Grandpa Joe this summer, but has retained the joy in spotting them.  For instance, we were doing a Korean sticker book and he squawked an excited, “Mingo”.  Another time we were bored at the BX service counter waiting our turn and looking through the catalog….the yard flamingo got a super loud “mingo” and an I-recognize-that look.

BEDTIME with Avi is silly.  He insists on snuggling under the covers up to his neck while we read books, and then pulls it up over his head later.  The little guy requires a sip of water just after lights out, and then cuddles with one of four things: the water bottle, his blanky, a selected stuffed animal (usually mammoth or wolf),  or a toy vehicle of choice (usually the little matchbox airplanes).  We are still working on going to sleep alone; he wants either Bryan or I to lay with him. When we don’t he fusses or all-out cries about it. We tell him we’ll check on him in a couple minutes and come back to rub his back a bit.  I don’t dislike falling asleep with him and do enjoy cuddling with him in bed, but it will be nice to get him a bit more on his own so Bryan and I can have adult time… or just to read a book before I conk out for the night.

Avi is a SNACKER.  It is frustrating, but I try my hardest not to give in to the incessant asking for snacks…”Cracker”, “eese”, “apple”, “ooty”, “upcake”, “cookie” or simply “uh uh” and pointing are constant.  He has also starting simply whining the word “mah-om”  to get my attention or just for fun.  I don’t like him to snack accept for once in the afternoon because otherwise he refuses to eat at meals.

DIGGERS are his favorite mighty machine.  Like a backhoe-type digger. An excavator.  He can spot a digger, and maybe a crane, from miles away.  Seriously, even ones I don’t see until we are well past.  He often yells “digger” and then “ride digger”.  Poor guy.  I tell him I will try and see if someday he can ride a digger.

Avi is outgrowing his need to be ON MOMMY all the time, except when Daddy is around.  When it’s just he and I then he seems confident that he is the man in my life and will go about his day of playing or reading books or destroying something.  However, when Bryan is around he becomes whiny-on-mommy kid.

He is a bit SENSITIVE if he gets yelled at.  I don’t mean actually yelling – we don’t do that much, but when we do yell it is met with laughing from him.  So is “you are being naughty” from me. NO,  I mean when he is told he has done something truly naughty and we scold him with that deep “I’m serious” voice.  Usually, from Bryan,  it makes him cry…but, of course, he has done something wrong and comes running to me.  Sad kid.  I make a point to reiterate whatever Bryan is scolding him about, but he’s so goofy sad looking with that poochy lip it’s tough not to chuckle (when he’s not looking, of course).

Avi is a big HELPER.  He enjoys helping me put away toys, but he especially loves helping with chores.  His favorite seems to be loading the dishwasher with me and he helps by closing and opening the door after every dish.  The laundry is another highlight.  Avi helps by opening and closing the dryer as I take things out.  He also helps by telling me who’s basket the clothes should go in.  He is also great with a paper towel and some windex!

When ZOE gets home it’s obvious that Avi loves her and looks up to her.  Not only does he copy what she does (good and bad), but he enjoys playing with her stuff while she is gone.  I think he is putting his toys in her room for her to play with sometimes; other times I think he might just be wanting to play in her room.  He loves to give her a hug when we drop her off for school and say “goodbye foh-E”.  Zoe also loves him and they are kind of like two peas in a pod.  The trouble is that those two peas cause trouble together really well, when they aren’t being adorable and playing school or dress ups.  The most precious thing that brought joyful mom-tears to my eyes was hearing Avi say “goodnight foh-E” to Zuzz the other night.  mommy heart break.

Avi loves riding his TRUCKEE.  Thats what he calls the ride-on toy he likes – we called it a truck for some reason when he got it….and he loves it.  His little legs, however, are not so little anymore and it’s about time for truckee to go before he scrapes his knees on every push.

Avi makes a crazy high pitched SQUAWK CHIRP sound sometimes that makes me wonder if he was a rainforest bird in his last life.  It’s so crazy high pitched and loud that it’s hard to imagine it comes from his mouth!  I can tell it gives him such joy, though, as he squawks and runs around the house laughing at himself.

We are trying Avi on the POTTY lately.  He seems to comprehend when he pee’s and poo’s and gets that it should go into the potty, but just isnt’ always interested.  Some days he loves it.  Others he could care less.  What he does love is to be without a diapy … for the ‘freedom’ I guess.  And for grabbing.

One word that Avi knows that is hilarious to hear a 2 year old say is COFFEE.  It’s like a question every time, as if he is going to serve me some.  “I drink coffee” has come out of his mouth, too, which cracks me up.  He has NOT had coffee, just to be clear.  He just simply loves to ask for it, or is obsessed with the fact that Daddy and Mommy have it.

When all our stuff finally arrived one of the few things Avi got excited about was the BABY STROLLER.  He loves pushing this thing around, and was super sad the first day when it was ramming into junk all over the floor and we couldn’t find baby. Now he is quite careful to put in the little baby doll; the tiny one is his favorite, and then push him around nicely pointing out stuff to play with and handing it matchbox cars.

Avi loves to ride on my SCOOTER with me.  He just stands on the foot rest between me and the handlebars like a little Korean kid.  It’s awesome!  Yes, I make him wear a helmet.

Avi’s day mostly consists of playing and hanging out with me.  We wake up in time to get breakfast and take Zoe to school by 7:50.  He loves to ride on the back of my bike.  Then we come home, or maybe go to the comissary before coming home, to read and play.  He will help me with any number of chores or projects I have going on – either by helping or playing alone.  Avi has grown up to the point where he enjoys some amount of self play time.  It’s super cute to watch and nice to be able to get some things done without worrying about him.  Our house here in Songtan has an open play room at the top of the stairs.  After we eat some lunch, I will read him some books and lay him down for nap.  He fusses a bit, but stays there and falls asleep.  Around 2:30 I need to wake him up so we can go get Zoe at the bus stop – usually we walk in the stroller and stop at the playground on the way back home.  When Zoe gets home it’s snacktime and then we do some ‘home school’ stuff – while Zoe does workbooks or violin or computer stuff Avi will color or paint or do sticker workbooks.  After that they both just play until dinner.  If it’s yucky weather I’ll let them watch an extra show while I make dinner, otherwise it’s one short show before betime. He likes “Mighty Machines” or “shaun the sheep” or “cat in the hat” or “yo gabba gabba” or “timmy time” and now our new fave “라바”!  라바 means Larva…it’s hysterical.  Bryan is usually home by dinner and Avi loves hanging out with Daddy for the evening.  On a week when Bryan works nights, I think Avi gets used to seeing Daddy during the day alot and then is bummed when he is not also there at night.   We are looking at the local Korean daycare to see about having him go 2 days a week.  Right now, while he is asleep, I think I’ll miss him….during the day it’s sometimes another story.  The place is called Global Kids.   It might be fun to play with the other kids.  we’ll see. 

always off the beaten track

working out at the park

happy boy waiting for Zoe’s bus

riding his truckee at the park – our house in the back

night time snackstand.  mmmm…yaki mandu

Avi got mail!  Daddy got coffee. At the BX/P.O.

potty and coloring at the same time.

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