A day to myself

Zoe biked to school today, and I called the CDC where they had a drop in space for Avi!  WOW!  I’m alone at home.   Finished up the kids’ curtains, called Korea Tourism and then the ferry company to reserve our spaces on the ferry for our weekend trip (we are going to attempt camping on Ulleungdo),
and now I’m going to head out for some shopping.  I’ve heard tell of a craft store that I must find!  After that I have Korean class at noon;  yep I’m trying to learn it.  Would be so nice for travelling around!  Then I pickup Avi at 2, check the mail, and get Zoe.  I think it’s about time to put in another order with Amazon so we have a package to look forward to.  THAT is the fun of checking the mail….the little yellow slip in our box that means we’ve got a package!  And, thankfully, Amazon super saver shipping comes here in less than 2 weeks.  I did just discover Gmarket.com, though, and put in an order. We’ll see how/if Korean delivery works!

Lately, we’ve been having awesome weather.  The kids keep busy playing with the bunnys, hanging outside or going to the playground.  Avi has been having fun with mommy time – we go to the pool, we practice his bike, we bake.  Zoe has been doing a bit better feeling motivated to go to school, and I spoke with her teacher a bit.  They are going to start a consistent rest time because she isn’t the only exhausted 5 year old, and I’m going in to teach a science segment on soil next week!  Til then, it’s the markets, hangul, and family night tonight!

Zoe biking home from school along the flightline

rainy day cookies

Avi practicing his bike skills  – slow but balancing

Avi loves swim swim time

last week for family night we made monsters of ourselves
market day

Zoe being Zoe

Avi playing at the CDC

bunny time

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  1. No!
    Zoe is not old enough to ride her bike to school. In Korea!
    Wow! Valdosta misses you all
    George Bennett

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