Saturday found us down at Camp Humphreys – an Army base a half hour south – for their Oktoberfest.  There were so many awesome kid activities!!  Zoe loved her chance to finally get inside a giant ball and walk on water.  Avi loved the kid zone ball toss games.  They even both did enough activities to earn a prize!  Avi chose three toys frogs, while Zoe picked a toy bunny.  Bryan and I were craving a good pretzel; tried two different kinds but they were not satisfactory.  But I did have a yummy woopie pie!

Zoe in her German outfit from Aunt Beppy!
Avi’s Liederhosen are still a bit large.
Avi’s awesome train
 Zoe’s flower was a face painted work of art!
bouncy castles galore
Zoe getting into the ball
Zoe rolling around

the huge prize table!
Avi did this bouncy no less than 50 times.
 This is kid-land.  We only ventured to adult land for some food.
Korean’s make amazing bouncy castles

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