I distinctly remember going through my winter clothes / hunting clothes bin and making super careful selections about what I wanted to come to Korea with me.  Like, NO I don’t need a blaze orange vest, but YES I do need a wool beany, leather gloves, and snow pants.  I even recall deliberating on which
gloves I would use, which go to donate, etc…  I chose 3 pair to bring.

Apparently it was all for naught.  I went upstairs to dig around and find some gloves before biking Zoe into school.  My hands froze yesterday. I couldn’t quite remember where I put my winter stuff away, until I remembered NOT putting any away.

I guess it’s in neverland with Bryan’s.  Same thing happened to him; of course, he realized it weeks ago when he was putting stuff away.  At that time I even said, “well I remember separating our winter junk and going through my stuff to pick what came to Korea” without even noticing it didn’t actually come!  I could’ve sworn I just left that stuff in our closet for packing, but it must’ve been accidently put on the WRONG side of the garage….the goodbye for 3 years side.  oops.

guess I will be going to the BX for some gloves this afternoon.   and maybe a hat.  somehow I have lotsa scarves, though!

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