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9th Anniversary

Tonight Bryan and I drove up to Seoul, parked at the Namsan cable car and rode it up the mountain to he N Seoul tower. Bryan made reservations at 1730 for us at the NGrill and we walked in just in time. It was perfect timing to watch the sun set and the light come on at we rotated around looking at the best views in the city.

We sat in a couples seat- a mini couch at a table facing the window. The Seven course dinner was amazing!! Then I was surprised with an anniversary cake complete with 9 candles. Two hours later we were full and wandered down to the observation deck for some more city watching.

After Riding the cable car back down the mountain we hopped in the car which had been valet parked for almost 3 hours with only a $6 charge. It amazes me sometimes that this city is just barely smaller than NYC but do much cheaper! We had long conversations at a cool coffee shop about how much we love Korea, how safe it is, and how much it feels like home.

The drive back to Songtan was fast even though we missed our freeway entrance ramp and drive through Gangnam. Once back in town we wandered down to the shopping street for a quick detour to check the movie man’s selection. To my pleasant surprise he already has the new Tinkerbell movie!!! This isn’t set to release in the states for another couple weeks. Zoe will be sooooo excited! Another reason to love it here.

At home we ate our little cake from the tower and tried to recall our anniversaries thus far…the first 7 were easy and it took us forever to remember last year!!  We went to Ricketts Glen during our trip back to PA after he returned from deployment.

Up the cable car.
Sunset time over Seoul.
at the base of N Tower.
Bryan at our seat…check the view!
N Grill dinner menu in English.
Delicious cream of mushroom soup!
an unbelievable steak and lobster – all the meat, too!  check out that claw.
The view after sun set….  the one building in the center was playing Psy’s Gangnam style video.  Yes, it is popular here!
Our anniversary cake.
our cute little couple seat facing the window
ooops… missed our turn and drove through Gangnam.  style.
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