I love autumn

It has been such a pleasant change to live somewhere with seasons!  The weather the week was incredible. Beautiful sunny high 60’s days with that chilly fall / kimchi / wood burner smell. The trees are all full of color and the breeze blows the leaves off in little gusts every now and then. Avi loves this! He
and I have taken a few scooter rides around town just for the fun of the weather and to visit the parks for the leaves. He loves leaves! He also loves our time at the pool and storytime at the library.

We’ve settled into a routine here. I will bike Zoe into school with either both kids in the trailer, or with Avi on my bike while Zoe rides herself.  Avi and I then come home or (often) stop by the commissary for something.  It’s then time for some play, or maybe the library, or the pool, or some chores.  On Monday and Wednesday I will call the CDC to try to take him for drop-in care.  He seems to enjoy going and has gotten to know Meejong, the teacher in the 2s class, pretty well.  It’s nice for him to get some time with other kids and it’s nice for me to have a bit of time to myself.  I’m also taking a Korean language class and can’t take him; I have to skip on days they don’t have space, which isn’t actually very often.  The CDC here is tiny but quite nice!  At home he still naps after lunch; I usually find myself pulling him out of bed and plopping him straight into the stroller.  We walk to pickup Zoe at the front gate – her bus stop – by 2:45pm.  Then, on the walk home we will almost always stop at the park for some playground time, or to run in the field, or to pick flowers and clover and grass for the bunnies.

Zoe loves the cosmo’s – the pretty pink and white flowers that seem to grow half wild all over the park and across the street. Even as the weather has cooled, almost getting to freezing overnight, they are blooming! The other day, walking home from school, we picked a ton of them to press for a craft for her class. I’m trying to go in once a week to do a fun science lesson. Seems to be enjoyable for the kids, and I enjoy poking into her class!

Next week the weather is supposed to chill off quite a bit.  I got myself some gloves for the bike ride into school.


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