Calico Kitty and Backhoe Boy

It’s getting to be that time of year when the kids want crazy costumes and I love to go old school and make them myself.  This go around Zoe is a Calico Kitten and Avi is a Backhoe.  YEP.  the old hang a box over my shoulders kind of outfit.  It’s adorable and his new little man hat from Aunt Beppy sets it off.  They wore the costumes tonight to the Club’s kids Halloween party.  Fun was had by all – bouncy castle, free prizes, candy, junk food dinner, and musical chairs.  We thought of staying for the costume contest, but I guess they were waiting until the bitter end for that, and our attention was waining.  I just KNOW Avi would’ve won.  As a consolation Zoe and I took home our pumpkin from the carving contest; it’s a good replacement for the one we carved to early and had to toss in the compost when it turned into a gooey face full of fruit flies.

Zoe had the chance to show off her calico kitten outfit last Wednesday as well.  The school had a Fall Festival.  She and Avi spent nearly the whole time in the craft room…and have some lovely foam bracelets and magnets to show for it.  We then breezed through the games and snacks; it was a big festival with tons of kids.  Most of the candy awards for games were gone by the time we wandered in, thank goodness.  No need for more of that this time of year.

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