My little calico kitten and my little backhoe had fun tonight during the base Halloween festivities. We started at the community center where we ran into my friend Jiyoung!! Avi and I stayed in the kiddo area and chatted with her while Zoe and Bryan braved the haunted house. From there we walked up the hill to the hospital for their walk-through trick or treat for kids. Again, Zoe wanted to go in the scary part with Bryan and it was a bit creepy for her. Bryan said they didn’t jump out as much for the kiddos, but he did get sprayed with some ‘afterbirth’ . Yuck!!

The temperature was dropping fast so we hustled across the street to the Hallasan family housing tower and got a bit more candy. Enough!! I guess the cold front finally arrived with some rain; time for our nice warm home and bed!

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