Zoe School Update

Last week we had parent-teacher conferences with Zoe’s teacher.  We learned that Zoe is doing very well!   At the beginning of the year they took a placement exam and she scored very high – above entry kindegarten level.  I would have LOVED to have known that at the time.  The meeting was very positive; Bryan and I brought up communication issues and her teacher clarified for us.  She is also sending home books for Zoe to read to challenge her to continue reading above level.  We got a schedule of what they do each day – something I’ve been asking for since the beginning.  And we got to see, in detail, some of Zoe’s work.  She brings it home daily, but it was nice for her teacher to explain to us what the task was on each sheet and show how Zoe completed the task…and then went on to color and doodle.  Zoe loves and excels at math, is reading above level, and follows directions.  Though her teacher wasn’t sure she was listening at first (because Zoe appears to ‘space out’ ), she consistently does her work as directed.  That tells us she’s a bit bored and not super challenged at times, but having fun in school.  Her teacher did say she is quite tired (as are others) in the afternoon, so she gives them a chance to rest or lay down; sometimes as a class, or sometimes on her own while the class does something else.  Apparently she takes advantage of that and lays down, but doesn’t fall asleep.  It seems she has settled in!  Now that I know how the class runs, all about ‘centers’, and the other particular terms her teacher uses, I’ve been able to get Zoe to talk a lot more about her day!!  She is even excited about it most of the time.  Her absolute favorite class is still Korean culture, followed by math and then art center.

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