Our Hanukkah Candles

Instead of presents on Christmas this year, my folks sent a box load of daily Advent gifties and activities!  It’s such a fun was to prepare for Christmas and build up the kids’ excitement.  So far we’ve baked some cookies, gotten coloring books, decorated the windows, eaten snacks, made an
advent chain to dismantle, and started an actual Advent candle wreath. 

Our Candle wreath was the best as it included the advent readings I remember as a kids…which are less exciting read as an adult, but fun nonetheless.  Zoe’s comment was awesome, though, as we unwrapped the candles.  Bryan was explaining that we lit a candle and did some readings every Sunday, and Zoe said, “like our own Hanukkah candles?”.  “Well, yes!” said Bryan, “just, for Christmas”.  Just like that. Ha!  She’s so bright.  We let her light the first one; Avi can try next week.

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