Snow Day!!

Woo hooo!  Snow!  Both kids were feeling yucky on Tuesday evening, so we went to bed knowing they would not attend school on Wednesday.  Good thing, too.  It started to snow around noon and had accumulated 3 inches by the time school let out.  The middle and high schools dismissed early,
but not elementary.  I guess it was a fiasco, and to top it off the base sends out road condition stages: it went from Amber to Red meaning people weren’t allowed to drive.  Glad I didn;t send her in and then have to walk through a blizzard to get her.

For us the day was mostly spent on the couch, though I did drag them into base to buy some juice and mail a couple boxes.  In the late afternoon both kids were feeling better so we went out for some fresh air and a bit of sledding!  Zoe and I worked up a sweat, but Avi seemed cold.  I mistakenly let him ride on the sled across the street and up into the park.  He did like riding down the hill, though!  Seemed nervous at first, but then squealed and laughed and wanted to go again.  Two times was enough, however.  He sat in a little snowfort I dug out while Zoe and I went down another couple times before heading home.

Well, around that same time we heard from Bryan.  I knew he was flying today, but a whole bunch of A-10 were landing when the snow got started so I figured he was one of them.  Not so lucky.  By the time it was his turn the runway was too covered in snow.  He (and couple others) were diverted to the East coast where he had an enjoyable time at a Korean Air Force base!  I guess they were kind of excited to have fellow pilot guests, and took the guys out to eat, put them in apartments for the night, and really showed them the honored guest treatment.

Back at home we all slept in the big bed; but not super well as both kids still have a cough. Thursday Zoe did go into school. Avi and I bought a snow shovel.  He was still under the weather and laid on the couch all morning while I shovelled out the car and the steps and even a bit of our road.  No plowing down this little lane!  By the afternoon it was snowing again, and Bryan barely made it home.  Seriously, he landed but it was snowing so hard he had to wait for them to plow out a place to park the plane.

Today (Friday), it’s a real snow day at school. Cancelled!  No new snow yet, but it’s coming.  Avi was feeling quite a bit better after we picked up Bryan at work yesterday evening, but woke coughing last night.  Both kids are sleeping in this morning.  Hoping he feels good enough for another chance to sled!

ready to go down!

walking down the road to the park

happy snow!

on base to get Bryan

another storm starting….it’s those nice big fluffy flakes!

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