St. Nick Came to our house

Phew! The kids barely squeaked past getting a scare from Krampus this year. Instead, St. Nick had some lenience and topped out their shoes. Barely. Probably just a mercy visit since they are sick.

Seriously, though, there shoes had Santa gifts in them this morning. And I mentioned to Zoe that she
was lucky Krampus didn’t come.  She said ‘he’s not real’ and I asked how she knew Santa was real.  She said because he left me gifts!  Ha, I then told her Krampus is very real to kids in Germany, and she better be good so she doesn’t have to learn whether he is real for her too.  She then wanted to see what he looked like and I showed her a few picks…the mild ones where Krampus travels along with St. Nick to punish the bad kids.  I guess that is where the ‘naughty or nice’ tradition started. Too bad the naughty threat doesn’t ACTUALLY hold a candle; kids know they’ll still get gifts.  Might need to start a new tradition with this one….. hmmm…..


My kids are mostly good, though, so they’d still get a visit from St. Nick.  Bryan and I love St. Nicholas day because it gives us a way to explain Santa Claus as St. Nick and be done with that.  Santa may send us a few things for Christmas, but that day is for family, celebrating winter, and it’s Jesus birthday! 

So, they got some stickers, a cool light up pen, chocolate gold coins, and an orange.  Happy kiddo’s! 

Zoe’s checking her shoe

Avi was a bit under the weather, so Zoe delivered his shoe to his spot on the couch.


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