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Holiday recital

This evening after Zoe’s doctor appointment( she has ear infections) we came home for some banana brea and bunny time before bundling again and gradin into the base theater for the big show!

We arrived a bit early and I’m so glad we did as it was packed!! Avi and I were able to squeeze into a seat between some folks near the front. Zoe sat with her classmates because tonight is her night. She has been singing and choreographing around the house the last few weeks preparing for this event.

Tonight was Zoe’s Holiday Recital featuring each grade at the school. They covered all bases with each grade sign two songs for the each seasonal even: Chanukah, wintertime, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Years. Zoe and the other kindergarteners sung a rousing rendition of “I’m putting on my mittens” followed by “5 little bells”. It was great. Zoe did her motions so big and dramatically as she attempted to sig. What she lacks in the ability to math a song to its actual rhythm she makes up with enthusiasm for choreography!!

After the show we wandered to the BX food court for some dinner (her choice of locale) and playtime.


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