Merry Christmas

What a day! The kids woke around 7 and Zoe wandered downstairs only to stop midway with an “oh. My. Gosh. The gifts are everywhere!”. There really were a lot. Thank you to all our family around the world; it was wonderful.

Especially nice was being able to Skype with everyone! .. Well except Tyler, sorry we didn’t catch you again 🙁

Highlights of the day include gifting (of course), eating only candy until 2 pm, starting new crafts, playing in a tent, fishing from the rug, watching ‘Babes in Toyland’, and napping on the couch! It is so nice to spend the day together. Oh, and we also took a popcorn tin over to our Korean neighbors who invited us in for a bit!

The tree
my new solar panel
Avi’s fishing pole
Bryan’s new camping /cooking table
my gifts from Zoe

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