Cooking Thai Style

Today we had a simple relaxing day. Bryan woke early and went to a meeting in the park we went to yesterday. He quite enjoyed it; the weather here is so nice they meet outside!

The kids and I got up slowly. Had some crepes at the Tzone restaurant across the street and then hopped a tuk tuk to the Wat Chedi Luang. Bryan met us there and we wandered around the ancient chedi. It was built in the 1400s and used to house a famous emerald Buddha. Today it’s still impressively large. We enjoyed it, but Avi had some poopy issues making us run to the potty quickly a few times. Poor guy… He has been amazing traveling while perfecting his potty skills. In fact,  I think it has helped him to truly be a big boy. After a pants change we wandered back to the hotel.

In the afternoon Bryan and the kids stayed in the hotel to hang out. They watched some TV, colored and worked on schoolwork, and napped. I went to a Thai cooking class! My ride picked me up on a scooter…. I hopped on and met the ret of the class – 2 south Africans an a Malaysian family- at the local market where our teacher taught us about Thai ingredients. From there we hopped in a songthaew to the class room; an outdoor cooking area with prep tables and individual burners.

I chose to cook Pad Thai, Coconut Milk Soup, Green curry, and Banana spring rolls. Each person got to make their own dishes…. Even to the point of mortaring the curry by hand. I truly made these dishes from scratch!! It was really fun and we were able to take a very nice cookbook home. If you are ever in Chiang Mia, Smart Cook Thai Cookery school is great.  My class lasted from 1pm – 4:30pm.

Back at the hotel, Bryan and the kids were ready to head out for he evening. I walked them back to the market I visited with my class. Then we walked around and explored the alleys a bit before stopping for dinner. Afterwards Bryan and Zoe left toward the market. They are out on a daddy-daughter evening back to the night market while Avi and I took a nice night walk along the canal and returned to the hotel. We are watching Bruce Almighty – I forgot how much I liked that movie! Sad to think tomorrow is our last day.

mmmm… crepes at TZone
Wat chedi luang
my green curry
making pad thai
my pad thai!
walking around the alleyways of Chiang mai
Kat and Avi at the east gate of the old city.

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