The long weekend

I really enjoy long weekends we usually go do something fun and this weekend was supposed to be no different. Zoe got out of school early Friday so I was going to take the kids to Everland and then we’d go again as a fam on our day off on Monday. Well it didn’t work out.

Friday morning at breakfast Avi started throwing up. Yuck! And we were skyping with Nan and Pajoe at the time! It continued in the car so I had to cancel his morning at the CDC and instead bring him to Zoes class while I taught a science lesson (we are planting a garden). He relaxed in the stroller the whole time until he puked again. And again on the way home. And on the couch. And the floor. And in the car to pickup Zoe. No Everland afternoon for us: bummer to as it was gorgeous, sunny, and warm (well it felt warm at 37).

Zoe was ok with that and spent the afternoon playing out back and around the house while Avi napped. After he woke he seemed alright! Then he ate a cracker, but was running around after throwing up…. I had high hopes (delusions) it would pass an Bryan and I could still go on our much needed date. No luck. Zoe still wanted to go to kids night out at the youth center, so we did have some alone time at home with takeout Thai food and Tylers movie on netflix…after Avi went to sleep.

Saturday we felt OK And hit up Everland for some sledding and rides and fun. Well, Bryan started feeling yuck after eating lunch but pushed through the fun. It was crowded but still a nice time! The sledding hill was a highlight that Zoe has been looking forward to for a long time. Lines were long, but not super bad – cold weather would never prevent Koreans from going out either.

Sunday found Zoe, Bryan and I laying around. This time Zoe threw up a bit – not nearly as bad as Avi but she spent the whole day on the couch. Bryan was feeling better by noon and took Avi to Homeplus to play and shop. I slept with Zoe and then we ended up reading two chapter books as the TV had nothing to offer.

Today it’s cold and raining! Ugh. I’m bummed that it’s not snow!! This could be a lot of glorious snow bit instead it’s yucky freezing cold rain. I think we will hit up the jjimjilbang for the day!

I did get to watch a few “butterfly and moth” performances the kids did for me and Bryan laying on the couch. That was a highlight! 🙂

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