Just set down my Christmas book. “Dinosaur Odyssey” by Scott Sampson (Dr. Scott on Dinosaur Train) .

Excellent!!! I now feel like I’m not only an in-the-know Dino lover, but even more impressed with the way our planet has sustained life throughout the ages.

Fascinating. Bryan is tired of me saying this, I’m sure. But it’s Fascinating!!!!

His epilogue also brings the dinosaur epoch (eon?… era?..saga?…) into perspective for its effects on us as mammals who came next. Even more importantly, though, is how we people are a part of the web of life and simple links in a long chain(mail) of creatures that have occupied the planet. A valuable lesson to take care of the ‘whole’ and not think of humanity as some superiority above the rest.

Loved it! Now I wish we could go to Paleo Fest to see him. Guess we will just make do with a trip down to the southern tip of Korea for a look at the Dino museum and trackway fossils.

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