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More winter fun

What to do in Korea when it’s bitter cold….

1. Puzzles- Zoe has been enjoying the 100 piecers I’ve been picking up at the thrift store while Avi is doing great on the wooden ones we have.

2. Brave it – yes we still get outside every day to go to the playground, bike ride, sled at the park, or just mess around out back. It’s a chore to bundle and sometime we don’t make it 15 minutes, but still good for the soul.

3. Craft – both kids enjoy messy stuff like making pinecone bird feeders, decorating box houses for the bunnies, Dino digging, good old coloring and sticker books, plus Zoe is trying her hand at some sewing and knitting. I am also getting into a new quilt.

4. Indoor playgrounds – lots of these here; at every big box store, kid cafe, and even the BX.

5. Baking – the kids , and I, love to try cookies and pizza dough from scratch. Plus we will also attempt the occasional banana bread or whole wheat loaf.

6. Reading – shocker, maybe, but we do sit around and read together. In fact, Zoe and I went through a whole Magic Tree House on Friday. She is getting good at reading on her own as well…. simpler stuff like Seuss and easy readers from school. Avi likes to listen to any construction or train affiliated picture book.

7. Games – perennial favorite Candy land and memory game, plus newbie hungry hippos!

8. Play – we don’t have all these toys for nothing! Zoe I always imagining some fancy land with the playmobils, while Avi flies airplanes and bulldozes.

… Anything to keep the TV off as much as possible. It’s tough though and we do watch our fare share. We try for at least two days a week with none. 🙂

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