Avi’s new found passion

Paint!! He loves the stuff. He has been mildly interested in art and crafts until now… coloring is OK, anything involving glue is entertaining, markers are fun enough, but if it’s messy and colorful, then Avi is happy! He did enjoy the super mess-filled peanut butter bird feeders, and does quite a number with his quickly drying brand new play doh, but I haven’t seen the sheer joy and creativity come from anything but paint. And it needs to be the messy tempera kind- no watercolors here. Seriously, it’s tough to find a self-play activity for this child; he really just wants someone (me) to always be playing alongside him, or at least present to be used as a chair. The painting, though, is purely a solo affair and keeps him occupied and out of trouble for an hour!! We may have a ruckus later when the kids start vying for easel time.

Oh, and it really didn’t turn too messy until I came over and he decided to show me how to paint arms.

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