Keeping the kids quiet while Bryan tries to go to sleep before the sun sets has been tough this week, but the kids did good with some Valentines focus. We spent the evenings crafting for Daddy! So, we gave Bryan his gifts today – we each made a tissue paper flower, a card, and wrapped a small candy from the BX. Then we made him find them scavenger hunt style this afternoon after work. Zoe put a lot of thought into her hiding place (her closet) and the rhyme to find it. She also made a cute card with a drawing of the ocean and “have a splash this valentines day”… So creative. Avi spent a lot of serious time on his card too – covering it extensively with glitter and marker until it needed a few stickers to repair the holes. He was a bit confused about why Daddy got the candy… Luckily at library time today he made a little mousey valentines card with 2 Hershey kisses. So that was easily shareable.

The kids also each got a clue to find their own small valentines heart gift box of chocolates. Plus, Zoe came home with a bag of candy and cards from her school, too. She was very kind and shared.

Since its an exercise week and Bryan has been working the ridiculous shift – going in at 2am – we are doing our couples time tomorrow night. Hurray for a well timed Parents Night Out! I think we are on the hunt for some Indian food. Yum, and romantic!

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