More Dino’s!

Our second morning in dinosaur county (goseong-gun) we woke to a misty cloudy sky. It wasn’t super cold, though, and the tide was low. So we wandered down along the coast again to enjoy even more dinosaur fossil trackways. It was so fun to be able to be outside again, and so nice to be near the ocean.

The low tide exposed a lot of neat tide pools along the cracks in the limestone. We were super excited to discover some anemones and then with a closer look found lots of other awesome creatures!!! It was so much fun we found ourselves walking the entire way around the headland, past the pebble beach, and back to the sea caves near the museum.

The kids absolutely loved wandering around the caves again, Avi especially wanted to explore more and more caves. Zoe was fascinated with the tide pools and collected a can if shells and treasures.

We returned to the car and realized we had been out for hours!!! It was a wonderful day – being out surely feeds the soul. It was also very nice to have the place to ourselves which is a rarity in Korea

We returned home via a different route to see a temple and passed a lot of signs for other dino trackway and nest sites. More exploration to come!!

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