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It was bound to happen

Snowflake, our girl rabbit, had babies. 3 of them. Bugs is in quarantine until he gets fixed.

Update: they survived the night and momma bunny seems to be taking it seriously. She used the fleece I put in the box as a nest and created a flap-cover she can nose open to get to the babies, and then pull closed with her mouth. They are moving more and bellies seem puffed and full.!!

Zoe is loving it. She woke early – at 5 or so this morning to check on them. I let her hold one briefly this evening and she was so motherly and gentle. What a great experience. She is also now insisting that the pet shop lady was wrong about Bugs and Snowflake being siblings because, “brothers and sisters don’t have babies. She must have meant husband and wife instead.” I simply reply, “maybe!” what a fun experience for her and all her detail questions about nursing and fur and closed eyes and ears. I’ve had to look up some stuff!!

Avi more enjoys the show… He loves each chance he got to point the babies out to everyone who came over today. I had an Oscar party to route for Tyler and see the awards, so all the ladies who came (and their kids) were also treated to a view of newborn bunnies. I haven’t let Avi touch or handle them, but he seems satisfied with pointing to where they lay in the little nest.

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