Ko Samet day 2

This morning we had a great buffet breakfast that is included in our rate here at Sametville resort. They had pancakes and watermelon, fried rice and fish soup, is eggs, omelets, and sausage.

From there we explored the trail that leads north along a rocky point. We found some tide pools but nothing more exiting than crabs inside. Avi thought they were great and poked each with his stick. Zoe more enjoyed seeing the water erode the rocks and collecting plumeria flowers. We strung some on a stick for pressing.

As it warmed up we headed back to our hut to change for the beach … And beach we did! We swam, we dug, we buried Zoe in the sand, the kids buried my legs in the sand, they climbed the trees, and we all swam some more. After hours and hours we returned to the hut for a nap – both kids were asking for one.

Sleeping last night wasn’t the best. Our bed is firm – typically Asian, but what gets me is that its still wrapped in the plastic packing so is crunches all the time. Usually if here are things like plastic sheets I will take them off, but this is still all sealed from the factory. In addition, the neighbor hit left their outdoor light on which was really bright; I rigged our blanket over the window which helped. So, anyway, a nap was necessary for all.

Since its Monday we did school after we woke. I have work Zoes teacher sent, but also some fun stuff she enjoys reading and doing. Awesome to have school on the porch out in the jungle. Avi busied himself with some coloring and dot pages I brought for him. He also likes to trace words.

From there it was back to the beach for the evening. More swimming and more sand until it was dark. Then we got some dinner at the restaurant. The kids ( especially Avi) like chicken from coconut milk soup so I order one of those and 3 rices and we share. Avi also loves the soup broth all over his rice. They each got a special shake, too: Zoe wanted a raspberry shake and Avi got a banana one. Mommy got a Singha.

From there we were going to walk around the other half of the resort which is fun at night with the little fire lights, but Zoe was asking to go I bed and Avi was dragging. I was also still dripping sand and ready to rinse off. Our shower floor is covered in sand!! Tonight I turned the neighbors outdoor light off before they came home… Hoping it will stay off 🙂

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