Ko Samet day 3

Our island routine:

Wake up around 7 ( we are 2 hours later than Korea so it’s really sleeping in)

Get on sunscreen and clothes

Wander down to the breakfast buffet

Go for a walk to explore and gather flowers and sticks

Beach time

Migrate back I the hut around 1 pm to each a snacky lunch and take a nap

School time

More beach until we watch the sunset

Dinner at the restaurant before an evening stroll


Today we added variety by also visiting the pool twice after beach time. It had been closed yesterday. This is the best way to get the sand out!!! Our shower doesn’t have excellent pressure so I’m happy to finally get all the sand out of my hair.

Avi also got to play for a long time with two other little Thai boys. They all had a blast throwing sand at each other, digging and pouring buckets of water in holes. The one boy is Avi’s height but he is 3 1/2 and the other boy is Zoe’s height but 6 1/2. Zoe joined the fun once she realized they had a bucket for her to borrow and dump water into her castle moat. Their father spoke great English so it was nice for me to have some adult conversation about cool places to visit in Thailand.

Our favorite waiter (Suksan, i think…wish they wore nametags in English) also made the day great! At breakfast he brought Avi a special ham omelet, which he devoured. Then after dinner he brought Zoe’s flop flops and a pen all the out to our hut for us!! We’ve sat at his tables since the first night and he has been so awesome with the kids!

In other news the plastic was removed from our beds after the room got cleaned! Much better sleeping now…. So happy!

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