Goodbye Thailand

We spent the morning with Bryan getting breakfast and swimming in the pool. It has been really cool to visit him while traveling with the kids; makes it all feel very casual.

After packing up the kids and I walked I the Irish clock restaurant/pub/hotel for some lunch. Avi loves Thai yellow or green curry chicken and I knew we could get it there while Zoe could get fish and chips. From there we took a jaunt through the mall to play in the playland and burn energy before returning to the hotel for a nap. We also found a neat water fountain that had reef fish, sharks, and a ray! For free in a mall!!! It was awesome.

Bryan came home and we spent a nice evening getting ice cream at a fancy ice cream restaurant. He joined us going to the airport where we said our goodbyes.

Our flight was delayed an hour which felt longer in the little airport, bus Zoe busied herself drawing so I only really needed to keep Avi from running around. Our flight to Bangkok was quick thank goodness because we needed to pickup our bags a baggage claim, walk the entire distance of the place to the international terminal and check in again, then do all the security and customs rigamarole. By the time we got to the F gates we had 45 minutes to call Bryan and get a snack before boarding.

Our flight is just 6 hours back to incheon where we will snag a bus to Songtan. It’s almost midnight, though and we are sleepy. I’m hoping for some sleep on the flight – we land at 0700 Saturday morning. I love Thailand. however, we are excited to get home and check on the bunnies

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