Post Trip napping

Well the red eye flight back from Bangkok was uneventful except for Avi puking. Something he ate didn’t sit well. He was so restless rumbling around as we all tried to sleep on top of each other in our 3 seats. I was getting super sleepy and tired of his inability to get comfy and then he puked. So compassion won over as I realized it must have been his belly hurting. After that he wanted to sleep sitting up so I propped him with my sweatshirt.

Back in Seoul he still felt yucky and threw up a couple more times (luckily not in front of the quarantine officers), and even on the bus ride home. We all slept on the comfy bus back to Songtan. Then he was fine! So it must have been food. I suspect the weird little salmon croissant we got in the Udon to Bangkok flight because only he and I ate them. My belly was yuck this afternoon with bathroom calls. Zoe didnt eat the croissant and is fine.

The big excitement on getting home was the bunnies!! Hey were great and the babies have grown big and fluffy!!! Absolutely adorable. We spent most of the day playing with them and then taking a long nap.

It’s always nice and comfy to be back home from a trip… Of course Bryan already asked me where our next plans are ?! Hmmmm….. That will have to wait.

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