Avi is a funny guy.  He is still very mommy clingy, but has started to self play and talk through his toys.  He gets emotional quickly, and will cry or get mad fast.  He also expresses love quickly and openly. He is a hugger!  He also plays rough and will sometimes over hug and tackle.  ahhh, the complexities of a boy.  Avi is quite a helper, though.  In the kitchen he loves to dump and stir, and does a great job – even things on the stove!  He’s also stellar at discerning whose laundry is whose.

He has become quite a funny talker and basically dictates what he doing all day.  As in, “I wake up.  Mommy wake up.  Its daytime, no sleep” and  “I poop my pants” or  “Mommy, I play with train and throw my car.  mmmm.  It break.” and also “Actually, we in the car Zoe” as she tries to explain we are driving home.

Some of my favorite things he has said recently:

“Hi hagey, my airplane name Hagey”

“Airplanes takeoff and CRAAASSHH in the water”  Of course, I respond with “no, son they land” and he replies, “takeoff and land and CRAAASHH”

“gutter fell off and hit me.  my head crack open and Bleeeed”  (no idea where this came from)

He looks up contemplating the overcast and says, “The sky is closed”

“Look memaw on wall”  – he calls rainbows cast by refraction from a crystal hanging in my window memaws.  He can say rainbow just fine, but apparently feels that these need their own word.

He is also forever asking me “where you hurt, where your owey?”  then he will find a miniscule scratch or even freckle on my face and slap a bandaide on it.  He also loves to administer medicine via a syringe….we use water.

“I hold you” “I put hand on your neck” – he really means please hold me, but he does like to put his arm around my neck when he tries to sleep.  Kind of like a cute mini chokehold.

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