Easter time

Well spring is upon is in Korea! The weather is warm during the day and cool at night.  It’s nice, and it’s especially nice to have so many things to do for Easter!

At home we made homemade natural dyes to color our eggs.  This was also a learning experiment for Zoe’s homeschooling. The eggs sat in the dye for a long time – while we went to a special evening PJ wearing library time.!  Both kids loved that.  We also had a few egg hunts, and got a few boxes of goodies from family back in the states and Europe!

On base we participated in 3!  Egg Hunts… the BIG crazy insane base wide eggstravaganza on Saturday.  The weather was a bit cool, but we had fun.  Zoe got to walk in a parade with her girl scout Daisy’s over to the egg hunt locale.  Hundreds and hundreds of people were at this thing!  They split the age groups and had kids run out all in a giant gaggle into their age-appropriate section of the football field.  Avi ran, grabbed 2 eggs, and started crying.  It was too loud, too competitive, something unhappy.  I picked him up and we found Zoe happily gathering eggs.  Then kids returned to the sidelines to trade in their eggs (no matter how many) for an egg-filled bag.  These eggs were the real prize – candy and a few golden tickets to win big easter baskets.  We enjoyed opening our ticket-less eggs and bouncing in the bouncy castle. On the way out Avi spotted the Easter bunny and squealed.  He loves this giant pink guy, and ran at him for hugs and a picture.  Zoe was too cool.  We enjoyed getting into a nice warm car and going home.  After nap it was Home Plus for dinner and playtime!

On Sunday the kids woke to find notes attached to their bedroom door handles.  They each followed the clues that led around the house until they discovered their Easter basket!  Zoe had a lot of fun with it, and her clues were trickier.  She found her basket in my room and decided to open her wrapped gifts first, then discovered the candy.  Avi expected his basket each time he hunted a clue, and completely ignored the next clue paper until Zoe showed it to him.  When he finally found his basket he immediately started devouring his chocolate rabbit. It took a while to coerce him into opening anything else. He did not like peeps; well he likes one bite and then they are yucky.  He ate his whole chocolate bunny and even half of Zoe’s the next day!  Zoe, on the other hand didn’t gorge herself on candy as she felt it was not good for her belly.  She did, however, want a bath with her new bath toys, and Avi was coated in chocolate….long story short, their egg hunt in the living room ended up being in the nude.

Speaking of not good for her belly, we went to the big Easter Sunday Brunch at the O’club and something there DID wreck her belly.  There was so much food!  It was breakfast foods, carving stations, turkey and stuffing meals, desserts galore, salad bar, omelet station, etc….  Made me remember going to O’club brunch as a kid.  They had an Easter bunny, too, for pictures. Avi, again, loved him and Zoe was now happy to hug and get pictures.

From the club we ventured over to the Commissary for their Easter egg hunt.  Now, this was fun!  They separated two age groups, and had the little ones go first.  So, Zoe waited while Avi ran for the eggs scattered in the parking area.  He only wanted 5, and sat to open and eat the candy. This was a much happier and calmer event than yesterday.  Inside were lovely little play figures, candy, or a slip of paper with a prize on it.  He got a blow up bunny, and was super happy!!  They also had a snack stand with strawberries, kumquats, and coffee for the grownups.  It was so nice.  Well attended, but not insane like the day prior.  I have found that when the commissary does stuff it’s not super advertised, but ends up being super enjoyable…like the Halloween parade, or Christmas crafts.  Just, nice!  Well, during Zoe’s age group Avi and I sat and watched as she gathered quite a few eggs.  Then we all sat and opened hers.  She was super excited for a blow up bunny as well!  I also got a commissary gift card, and there were employees making sure every kid got a special gift – a big candy egg, a light up pen, etc..  on their way out.

Later in the afternoon we went to Bryan’s squadron to play and have a really nice mellow egg hunt out on the lawn.  Avi, again, only gathered 6 and sat to eat the candy….all the chocolate!  Zoe made sure to fill her quota of 19 and was really funny paling around with her friend trying to find the tough ones.  More sugar was provided in the form of juice and cookies, and then we went home where I made plane brown rice and veggies for dinner!

Dying eggs

Avi’s eggs
Pajama Library Time

Doing some yoga at the library

Avi insisted on bringing his blanky and this worm-snake that Aunt Bethany made (it was the favorite this week….he’s not so committed to one stuffed friend like Zoe is) to library time.
Zoe and the cold parade.

The insane base wide egg hunt

Zoe’s haul (yes, I used the halloween buckets since I had already stuffed and hidden the easter baskets)

Avi eating his candy.
Love this!

Zoe’s clue

Avi’s last clue

Avi find’s his basket!

I didn’t think head sit and eat it all in the bathroom

free range egg hunt
O club brunch!

Commissary egg hunt

Avi finding his eggs at the comm

Zoe was excited to get a little puppy in one of her commssary eggs
Everyone is special at the commissary.

Thank you Osan Commissary!
Squadron Egg hunt

Grrrrrr… I’m so hopped up on chocolate right now!

Zoe and her friend searching for the last eggs.

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