I love spring – we haven’t truly experienced one since last we were in Korea.  I didn’t feel like the warm rainy winter bleeding into the humid rainy spring of Georgia really had the ‘changing of the seasons’ vibe.  Here, however, freezing cold snowy wintry days cooped up inside and now opened up into beautiful warm sunny days and cool nights.  A bit of rain.  A bit of dew.  Spring!

We are back on the bike to run errnads and take Zoe to specials at the schoolhouse.  I’ve enjoyed our few couple weeks of homeschool, which adds to the entire ‘new beginnings’ feeling of the season.  Especially freeing is the ability to sleep until nature dictates we wake.  So instead of waking when it’s dark at 6am in order to catch a 7:20 bus, or getting an extra half hour and riding the bike or car,  we are typically getting up around 7:30 or even 8!  Ahhh.  Incredible what another hour and some daylight will do!  Zoe wakes well rested and gets her bunny out to play, Avi comes into my room bubbley and wanting to snuggle.  I have time in the morning to make breakfast, enjoy booktime with both kids, teach Zoe, and even prepare a list and my bike for our afternoon outing.

Zoe has fun going to specials at the school – Art, Music, PE, and Korean Culture.  Avi and I spend the less-than-an-hour that she is at school playing on the playground nearby, going to the indoor pool, or getting a treat at the comissary.  It’s nice to still have some focus time with my little man.

Both of them have also gotten so much more outside time lately with spring coming and our new freer schedule.  Zoe has planted some flowers and Avi helped me plant my sproutlings in the garden.  He loves to play out back with his cars while I hang laundry on a makeshift line I strung past our fence between the scrap metal neighbors tree and ours. They have also gotten back on their bikes and spent time at the park and playground messing around.  The rabbits even seem to be enjoying the newfound freedom of playing in the enclosure we made for them under the back deck.  It’s been since the fall that it was warm enough to let them out all day.

The forsythia are blooming all along the road leading to the front gate, and the trees have little buds.  At the market last week we bought a few tulips and hyacinths that have made our indoors smell so fresh. 

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