Big news!!!

It finally happened: that loose tooth came out of Zoe’s mouth. We found it could wiggle last month and I was sure it would come out while we were in Thailand weeks ago, but there was no pulling action. Zoe just didn’t want to mess with it.

Finally, tonight I checked on it and the thing was laying sideways hanging by a thread!  I told Zoe to yank it and she gave a weak try. Then I told her to let me try just once.  Well, I grabbed it with a piece of tissue and my fingers slid off the tiny little nub.  Just after, she knocked at it with her tongue and the thing came out!!! 

Woo hoo!  First big girl tooth.  Lucky for her the replacement has been patiently waiting right behind the loose tooth for the last month, so no wierd pictures with a gap.  She was so super excited!!! We called daddy and everything.  She carefully wrapped it up and placed it gently under her pillow and fell asleep blissfully dreaming of tooth fairy gifts. now I wonder what the fairy will leave….?

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