Bunnies in the mist

Well, the time has come to find a new home for some of these rabbits. I tried getting them homes in houses as pets with no takers, so they are headed out into the wild.

I think they will love it. Zoe and I decided that momma bunny Snowflake and two of the young-ins – Snow and Puddles – would enjoy their freedom. Snowflake has been exceeding my expectations and digging her way out of the under-the-porch enclosure and into my fenced garden (I’m still at a loss for how). She has also become quite opposed to handling – even if its by me, which is to say Nicely Done. She basically is just always trying to get away from people. The two most rambunctious babies follow her every time.

Our daddy bun, Bugs, however could care less and simply wants to be inside cuddling on a lap. And “precious” the tiniest runt baby seems to side with daddy. They are staying here.

The others we dropped off at a greenspace area along the river. It’s big with lots of underbrush and tall grasses to munch and hide in. There are no wild predators in Korea so they should be great and safely distant from the feral cats that roam around town. I think they will be happy and maybe they will multiply and add some wildlife to this country.

Both kids seemed pleased that we found a great spot. We hiked all along the mountain trail Sunday with the rabbits in a bag, but brought them home because we couldn’t find the perfect spot. We also considered a local community rabbit cage / maybe-its-a-shelter, but decided that they just wouldn’t like being caged up. The enclosure was also smaller than ours out back and already had 10 or so rabbits. I was secretly concerned that simply dropping them in would be a death sentence for those of the wrong gender… I’m not sure if the rabbits who live there are male or female, but I’m fairly confident they would cull those who could potentially reproduce.

At their new home Zoe was excited that the little ones were already hopping around and making a nest before we left. It really was a bunny paradise and they can watch the airplanes take off.

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