Because I’m an idiot….

… We spent Thursday evening at the ER.

Personal negligence caused me to rub my chapped lips with a drano-covered hand, AND not notice the burning sensation til I had habitually licked. Ugh. The tingly feeling on my tongue started after a half hour and scared me enough to load up the kids at 7:30 pm for an evening in the hospital. Of course Bryan called as we were out the door and I left him with “I think I swallowed drano, call back later.” Very comforting, I’m sure.

I’m fine – just stupid – I spent a half hour over the hospital sink rinsing and cleaning with salty neutralizing stuff followed by water. The kids had an adventure of it and enjoyed the bonus of watching Dino Train in French on my phone (the only full length episodes I could fine quickly on YouTube were French, and it was funny to hear them speak so).

The ordeal only took an hour and a half, but we still got to bed late since the kids wanted night-night mush and tea and books and mommy to lay with them.

We slept in Friday and spent the day enjoying the zoo at Everland and a brand new attraction called the Lost Valley. It’s a very Disney-esqu safari ride on a duck-boat-bus. The waiting line is complete with animals to see and stroller parking, plus the obligatory walk-through gift shop. I happily felt fine. The beautiful weather and happy kids made me forget to be mad at Zoe for dumping a half-pots’ worth of potting soil down the drain and clogging the bathroom sink. We even lucked out to spot a greenhouse selling bleeding -heart plants on the way home. These have been Zoe’s favorite since our trip to Romania two years ago.

In the evening both kids went to Parents (we call it Kids) Night Out, while I had fun out with friends at the Oclub.

Hoping I avoid any further idiocy for the next few days.

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