Keeping Busy

The kids and I are keeping busy lately with homeschooling, impromptu egg coloring, cookie baking, hanging out with friends, planting flowers.  We’ve also been to Everland quite a few times, and most recently enjoyed the zoo half and the new boat-duck-bus safari ride called Lost Valley.  The spring blossoms are out everywhere and it seems that we have alternating days: sunny and warm, chilly and drizzle. Our days are filled with fun and learning, lots of playtime out back and bike rides to the park or into the base for Zoe’s extra-curricular classes.

Avi spends lots of time here.

Hanging out with friends at the squadron

Zoe and her friend at a squadron party
The squadron brought this tuk tuk back from Thailand a few years ago….it’s a favorite with the kids and the quick way to haul them all to the flightline and back.

Avi decorating some cookies
Zoe’s cookies

Avi and friends at the CDC – I’ve been getting him in for a day once a week.  We both enjoy it!

Zoe on her way into the back gate of the base – this hill is her newest challenge.  She’s been making it up higher and higher each time before needing to hop off and push.  All the lanterns were just put out to decorate for the month before Buddha’s birthday festival … they lead through town to the temple.
Coloring eggs – I know it’s not easter, but Bethany sent these complex metallic egg coloring kits that Zoe really wanted to do.  Egg salad anyone?

Spring flowers on the way to the front gate.
Shopping for our flower beds! Zoe was so excited to find a bleeding heart.

Everland!  Avi still LOVES flamingos

The new Lost Valley Ride at Everland
feeding the birds.

Avi and the birds

Zoe being Zoe!

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