Field Day

Friday was Field Day at the elementary school, so Zoe had fun participating with her class. Bryan biked her in early and helped with the morning events…the wet stuff!!   They had water races, water balloons, tug of war, and the fire department even came in the spray them off if they weren’t soaked.  Avi and I also got wet at the pool before joining Zoe for the afternoon events.  These were much drier, and fun to watch.  Old relay’s like the wheelbarrow, 3 legged race, obstacle courses and throwing things; 20 events in all. Zoe was partnered up with her friend Amelia and they were successful in getting soaked from the only wet event – the wet sponge relay.  It was a fun day!!

From there Zoe biked home.  She has really enjoyed biking to and from the school for her specials classes. We usually go in the front gate, which is closest to school and our route takes us through the Songtan shopping area.  Then after school we will head out the back gate along the flight line to watch any planes.



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