Bryan and I ran in the relay for life today with the “We go 25” team – his squadron, the 25th.  Someone is running all the time for 24 hours this weekend, and our shift’s were from noon – 1 and 1-2, so we loaded the kids, grabbed some subway sandwhiches and went over at 11 to hang out.  The run went around the football field, and each team had a canopy setup around it.  There was also a stage with entertainment every hour.  Zoe and I tried to win the scavenger hunt when we arrived, and then while Bryan ran I took the kids to the bouncy castle. 

Bryan was able to run 62 laps!  He was running a lot in Thailand. =)   During my turn he watched the kids and I enjoyed giving them high fives for my first 14 laps, then they decided they wanted to run with me.  Well, Zoe ran but Avi didn’t make the first corner and I had to carry him around. I thought I’d just run a bit and walk a bit, but I got into a groove and just kept running… the drag show was also entertaining enough that I enjoyed running around to the stage every lap.  It surprised me that I was able to run 45 laps and then walked 2 – it was really nice to be able to run an hour straight without feeling completely beat down.  Made me remember how much I enjoyed the races and triathlons I did before kids; that would be fun again.

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