This morning as we left the hotel for the Lotus Lantern Festival I made sure doggy was in the car, but then Zoe hit her head on the door and wanted Polly.  We got the dog, rushed around to get her ice, and then ended up grabbing a taxi instead of taking the train.  Well, we had a great time at the festival and did not realize until we were getting ready to leave that doggy was not with us.

After racking our brains, and looking at pictures of the day, we finally figured out we must have left Polly in the back of the taxi.  With much hope I called the Seoul 120 number – the city wide lost and found – who said they could track our taxi ride since we used the Tmoney card.  But, Tmoney wasn’t open until Monday.  So, with many tears but much hope we decided to stay another night up in Seoul so I could get the dog easier when found. Well, I called first thing in the morning and was once again so utterly impressed with Korean culture and technology that they genuinely cared and were able to track down our taxi driver.  The dog wasn’t in the car.


The taxi companies and Seoul city government has a few message boards for lost and found items. I’ve posted him missing with a picture, but I hate to say I’m losing hope.  I’ve called the 120 a few times again to check for updates. 

Never thought we’d lose Polly.  It saddens me so much.  She was sobbing and sad, but has seemed to adjust.  Except at night. We had a ‘backup’ just in case – but it doesn’t even look the same since Polly was so loved she was dark and floppy.  But, I had just changed Polly’s hair so her old hair I used on the replacement -named Lilax.  Zoe still has hope that someone will call us about Polly.

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