Why I love May in Korea…

…the weather is awesome.   It’s warm and sunny. 
We have our garden planted. 
We bike everywhere. 
People are out and about.
The azalea’s are blooming.
There are events and festivals all the time.
The kids are loving putting on shows.
Plants are green and the park is across the street. 
The kids have fun playing out back until the streetlights are one.
I get to hang laundry on the new line Bryan built.
Ice cream downtown is 80 cents.
We can camp!

This is seriously an awesome month to be in Korea.  If I had to recommend a time to visit it would be May for the festivals, the flowers, the nice weather, and the pleasant spring.  A trip in October is also nice for fall, but right now I’m simply loving spring!  Newness!!

Biking home from the Base.

Avi putting on a sword-carrying butterfly with no pant show.
picking wish flowers at the park.
Ice cream downtown Songtan.
Special snacks at the Police week event in the BX parking lot.
Zoe trying her hand at metal detecting at the Police week event.  She found 3 bullets.
Avi on the Humvee.
Practicing violin together! 
Um,  love seeing my article in print at the commissary.
Laundry!!  Bryan made the best laundry line ever…. just over the fence in the lot behind the house.
Playing out back – and beyond.  They have a lot of fun exploring the vacant lot behind the backyard.

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