Squadron Campout

Saturday morning found me sitting by the car in the o club parking lot selling our old junk.  Made some bucks, and then we all headed east to Wonju for a squadron camping trip.

It was fun to have a gaggle of folks all camped out on the beach, swimming in the river, and hanging out at the grill.  Zoe and Avi loved swimming with the other kids… Zoe’s good friend Amelia and was there, and another Amelia who became a good friend.  They caught frogs, dug in the sand, and messed around.  
In the afternoon we walked downstream for some rock climbing.  Bryan and I led some routes and top roped them so a bunch of friends could give it a try. I love rock climbing.
In the evening we joined to whole gang for some dinner and time around a big campfire. The Lt.s went all out will brats as burgers, coolers if drinks, and even some fireworks!!  The kids loved it and slept well in the cool air. 
The next day most folks packed up.  We hiked along the railroad track and climbed again before packing out in the afternoon.  Our gorgeous sunny weekend is turning to rain the next three days 

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