Fresh Air

It’s been nice to be in Pennsylvania visiting the fam. Well except it’s cold!  I wasn’t expecting that.  It was so hot in Korea when I left.  oh well.  The first few days we mostly slept at the wrong times, but I think we are adjusting now.

The kids and I have loved messing around in mom and dad’s yard.  Planting pumpkins, riding the tractor, having a ‘party’ in the tent, picking up food at the farm co-op, and running around in the open space.  So nice. I’m loving staying in the log cabin my folks moved into last year.  It will afford my kids so many awesome outdoors memories of visiting Nan and Grandpa Joe!

We got the chance to head over to Bryan’s folks’ house, too, which is also new.  Again, the kids are so lucky to have Nana and Pappy living out in the country.  We enjoyed a wet walk down to see a new beaver dam, picked up salamanders, and got all muddy.  Good memories!!

Picking up the Co-op groceries at Friends farm

Standing on the beaver dam with Pappy


visiting Great Granddad as he volunteers at the hospital

Granddad showing Zoe how the register works

checking out the beaver chewed log

lawn tractor ride

planting pumpkins at the cabin
Avi is a sneak…he did this while I opened the car and grabbed a bag out.

my big tree climber

Avi up a tree, too!

mmm… ice cream in Williamsburg
a short break in the rain let us visit the playground.

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