6 years old

Yep.  Zoe is six today.  It seems to have gone so quickly; hard to believe our baby girl was born six whole years ago!

Since we are having a joint party for her and Avi with family next week, AND he had a friend party in Korea, today was just about doing something fun with her.  She watched more TV than usual and was excited to see a new Cat in the Hat and a new Dinosaur Train.  We decorated a small cake and she had a fun (this is not sarcasm) math lesson.  
For lunch we drove to Sheetz for mac cheese and a quesadilla and a donut and an orange icee.  We enjoyed our picnic at Fort Roberdeaux. She loves living history stuff and had fun exploring the little log houses in the fort.  Avi had fun climbing all over and seeing old guns.  They both liked asking the guide what common items were for, especially the bed rope tightener and the bellows.  
While Avi was napping at home with Grandpa Joe I took her to the Slinky Zone: she requested to go there and play in the big indoor playland.  “It’s like logo lino without the bouncy castle” apparently. An hour of that was sufficient.
We then got Avi and PaJoe and took a long evening drive to State College to meet Nan at work, where we all got a fun checkup!  Then it was Chik-fil-A, Zoe’s requested birthday restaurant. We enjoyed her cake and the kids played.  It was nice, too, to Skype with Tyler and Bethany and (twice!!) Daddy today.
She is such an awesome kid.  

She got this stone ring at the gift shop.


We had picked up cherries from an Amish stand earlier in the day, and Zoe insisted they were for on top of her cake!

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