Quality Time…

…spent with the family in a log cabin….

night night guys

coop groceries
goodnight construction site

Zoe reading to Nan from my old Abeka phonics books

hot tubbing

Franny likes visiting Avi in the tub


lunch in a tree!

she’s such a little climber

fathers day!

a bedtime serenade

visiting Grammy and getting cookies!

piano time

another lap around the yard on the tractor

pumpkin planting

and, again and again and again and again

the sand box
Avi reading to Teddy

night out on the town!

Chuck E cheese fun

Canoe Creek state park is around the corner

just hanging out with my bud


Nan is an elk

stopping in at Granddad’s house

goofing at the playground

yes, my family does just burst into song and dance
Grandpa Joe keeps telling the kids that, “Nan is a DOCTOR …(office nurse)”
teaching some trumpet

Zoe trying to Buzz

bedtime books after a night of lightening bugs

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