The Big Birthday Party

So, Zoe had a birthday party at our house in Korea with her friends and then she celebrated on her birthday with a cake at Chik-fil-A..  Well since Avi’s birthday is coming up next month we decided he deserved a party, too, and the fam wanted a chance to give gifts to them both.  Thus, the BIG JOINT BIRTHDAY PARTY was created. Mostly I let Avi choose the décor and especially the cake … a pink cake with a colorful train with a dino in the boxcar, of course.  Plus Zoe wanted it to have a bunny.  That was a fun one to decorate!

I reserved a pavilion at Patton Park and hoped the weird weather would cooperate, and it DID for the first half of our time.  The torrential downpour in the middle of the party luckily started after everyone (who wanted too) rode the train around.  Patton Park has a great shaded playground, nice pavilions with electric, and this cool train ride that operates in nice weather.  This was the selling point for Avi my little train obsessed boy.    The whole fam showed up for a great potluck lunch, fun times playing, and the train (of course).

When the rain began to dump we retreated to the pavilion for singing, cake time, and opening gifts. We did have to forgo the piñata, but it was just as fun the next day out with the cousins at the lake.

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