The new house

Bryan’s parents’ new house up on “the land” is finally finished and we got to stay there this past week.  The kids had a ton of crazy fun with their 3 girl cousins for the weekend, and then loved the quality time with Nana and Pappy.  We went swimming at the Glendale beach, ate berries from the bush, fished in the pond, and rode the gator around the woods.  On the day it seemed rain was inevitable we ventured to State College for the kids museum and children’s day at the Arts Fest, and it turned sunny and nice. 

The kids are loving all their family time here in Pennsylvania.  The best part is, of course, that Bryan flew over from Korea to join us!!

Nana and Pappy, Zoe and Avi

the tiniest froglets ever

Avi caught Jaws

riding around with Pappy Milt

my little scientist

piñata time!

The cousins

Zoe experimenting with the green screen

beach time

mmmm…. black raspberries

aaaaahhhh, feels good

my mud monsters eventually got the other kids to join in

the kids table

bedtime chaos

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