Shavers Creek Summer Camp

This week Zoe attended outdoor summer camp at Shavers Creek.  It’s an environmental education center affiliated with Penn State.  She started at 9am and then I picked her up at 3pm, so it was a long day and she loved it!   They went on hikes, they did nature crafts, they learned songs and skits, and had a day of stream explorations.  Her final day included a hike to Whipple Dam for swimming at the beach.  That was also the day we were all invited to come along and camp out.

Aunt Beppy, Avi and I joined Zoe for the camp out.  Nan and PaJoe came for the fun evening entertainment, too!  We brought dinner, pitched our tent, enjoyed ice cream, and then got to watch a fun skit show. Zoe’s class (the Light up Lightening Bugs) did a skit where the kids helped the camp counselor get to a party using their lightning bug bum lights. It was cute, as were the others and the sing-a-longs, and goofy songs the counselors made up.  After that the kids and I joined in on a night walk – we played some games in the dark, hiked down to the meadow, and listened to the silence.  Stars!  Not a lot of those in Korea.

In the morning the counselors made pancakes for everyone who camped out.  Then the kids took some turns at the rock climbing wall before we packed the car and came home. … for a nap …




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