Last Minute Visits

Final week in PA!  We’ve been busy with goodbyes to family, touring the local sites, and prepping for a Space-A adventure.  Bethany joined the kids and I for a rainy day driving around to drop in on great-grandparents.  It was nice to have one more day of quality time.

Wednesday I decided it would be fun to visit the local living history village called Bedford village, so Dad, Bethany, the kids and I drove 45 minutes south and found it to be closed on Wednesdays!  ugh.  Should’ve checked the website.   We made the best of it and visited the Bedford fort instead, which was well worth the time… and got ice cream!  Then, we occupied the rest of our afternoon at Lincoln caverns; a local tourist cave we’ve driven past a ton of times but never stopped.  It was a blast, too!  Grandpa Joe treated us and we all had fun on our tour.  Zoe loves caves, of course, and even took over for the our guide a few times.  Avi was a bit nervous halfway through as we found out the cave was discovered when a  bulldozer fell into it.  By the end he was enjoying himself and said, “this cave awesome”.  At the end we all got a big bag of dirt to wash away in the sluice for hidden gems, and the kids found a ton!

Friday found us back in Bedford village when it was actually OPEN, which worked out better because Nan joined us all.  I’m glad we went back, as it was really cool.  Lots of old local homes restored historically to walk around and explore.  Lots of neat old shops and workshops like a blacksmith and candlemaker to see.  Zoe even made her own candle!  There was a small farm with horses and chickens that Avi loved to feed, and a cool old octagonal schoolhouse. We spent hours at this place walking around and learning about life in the 1800s.

In the middle of all that I packed our bags, sent some packages, and found out there is a space-A flight straight to Osan after we arrive in Anchorage.  I bought a super cheapo commercial flight to Alaska from where we can, hopefully Space A home.  It would be awesome to catch that flight!

Saturday was our last day and the kids had a great time playing with PaJoe and Nan while I joined Bethany at a party.  In the evening we had an awesome time with Bryans whole family for a special birthday party for Pappy Howdy.  I am so very glad we were able to make it; I had a wonderful time catching up with cousins and aunts and uncles and I know the kids did too!

Now, off to Korea!

Making pizza with PaJoe

lovely Bedford

Lincoln caverns

me and the kids in the cave

panning for gems in the sluice

the entertainment at Granddads house is this troika doll

Me, Avi, Granddad, and Zoe

Avi sharing his foot with Gram

Gram and the kids – I think I know where Zoe gets her look

Zoe in the flower girl dress I wore at Uncle Jeff’s wedding when I was little

Zoe, Grandma Effie, and Avi

Zoe dressed in period attire for our trip to Bedford village

Bethany and GrandpaJoe

feeding the rooster

lunch at the village tavern

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