Beach Camping

Went back out east to see if our old campsite on the beach still exists, and it does! Shockingly, as there are now two bigger campgrounds just up and down the shore from it. The Taean National Seashore has become more organized like all the Korean National Parks. Those places were so super crowded; Koreans seem to enjoy being packed together at ‘attractions’.  Anyway, our beach site only had only a handful of families.  We enjoyed the water, the sunset, the stars, and the sounds of the waves.  In the morning the tide started to go out….waaay waaay out!  We gathered shells and then walked the almost km out to the water which had been just at the edge of our camp area the night
before.  The water is so shallow and so warm, so very nice.  Sadly, the beach area is kind of covered in washed up trash!  YUCK!  We overlooked it as everyone else did and had a great time.

Afterward we stopped at a dinosaur museum which was full of neat fossils, but the whole experiential floor was closed. the dinosaur slide was closed (our kids did it anyway).  The planetarium was closed.  meh, not doing that again.  Didn’t ruin a fun weekend at the beach!

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