First Grade

Today was the first day Zoe attended her specials classes as a first grader at Osan American Elementary.  She is homeschooled and we really didn’t take a ‘summer break’ between Kindergarten and First grade, instead we tapered down to simply math and reading/writing a couple days a week during our visit in PA.  Since being back home in Korea I have been slowly adding more days and subjects; last week was our first with all our homeschool subjects: Reading, Writing, Grammar, Spelling, Math, Ancient History, Earth Science, Art and Music.  It’s been super fun organizing our subjects, getting materials, choosing curriculums, and easing into First Grade!

Last week we met her assigned teacher at the school open house – Mr. McDowell.  She will follow his class’s schedule for specials.  He is very homeschool friendly and happy to have her in class when we’d like; she is even welcome to stay after specials for playground time and lunch.  I’m super happy about him!  Zoe was nervous about it all and wanted me to assure her she was still homeschooled.  Of course!

So this morning we woke as usual, Avi and I did yoga, Zoe finally rolled out of bed, we had breakfast, got dressed and ready, then the kids played for a bit.  Zoe and I sat down for her language arts topics – Reading, Writing and Grammar today.  Then we started math before hopping on our bikes to ride into base.  Bryan met us at the gate and we biked together for her first day.  Mr. McDowell wasn’t sure of his specials schedule during the open house, as there was still a lot of last minute rearranging going on.  So, we went to his classroom where they were lining up.  She joined in with her new friend from Theater camp last week and headed off to P.E.  in her fluffiest of dresses, and biggest of flowery headbands!  Glad I at least had her wear sneakers.

Avi and I spent the hour at the playground and checking the mail at the Post office.  Nothing.  Then we picked her up and came home for lunch and some playtime.  Zoe and I finished her math. We are sticking with Singapore math, but using Saxon worksheets which Zoe loves.  Choosing a math curriculum has been the most difficult thing as we need something challenging enough for her (she is able to grasp abstract concepts quickly), but also something that teaches the basics thoroughly.  Avi worked on letters and numbers during that time and also joined us for History and crafts!  Dinosaurs this week!.  Yes, we started history at the beginning.  Last week was the big bang.

Now it’s quiet time. I read with Avi and then he naps.  Zoe reads to herself and then spends time in her room (maybe naps).  I get some alone time to blog and write articles.   I will open their doors soon and kick them outside for a few hours of playing before dinner.  I think we’ve found a good routine, and Zoe seems to be thriving and enjoying her new life as a First Grader.

 First Day of First Grade!

Her classroom at Osan where she goes for specials- art, music, PE, Korean culture
home again, home again.
eating our Earth model from last week

Avi’s craft dino roaring

Zoe’s dino is an herbivore as evidenced by the flat teeth

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