He’s a big boy now

Lately Avi has been reminding us every morning that, “I grow.  My big now”  He will then stand up and show us.  It’s true, too!  We’ve had to raise his seat on his bike and his new clothes (the 3 Ts) finally fit (almost…seems the waist’s are all so big).  Anyway, he has been growing a lot.

His favorite thing, by leaps and bounds, is riding his bike.  He wants this every chance he gets.  So, I take him every chance I get.  Most evenings after dinner we go up the hill at the park across the street and he bikes around and around while I walk and do the workout machines.  It’s fun and we are getting to know and recognize some of our neighbors; this is, after all, a social event in Korea.

He is taking smart start soccer, which he tolerates. It’s not his favorite and he loses focus about halfway through, but its a fun thing he and I (or Bryan on night weeks like this one) can do one-on-one while Zoe is in specials.  Other days he and I will play at the playground or go to the library or the commissary; originally I planned for NO ERRANDS during Avi time, but he ASKS to go to the commissary.  It’s a fun outing for him to push his own little cart and get a sushi for lunch later.

He is also a pretty happy little guy, unless he’s not, and then he’s flying off the deep end about something.  Unfortunately, Avi is quick to cry about things that aren’t going as planned, so instead of using his words he is often crying or whining about something and I have little clue as to what exactly is the problem.  Sometimes he and Zoe are fighting over play, sometimes it’s just that he wanted a different shirt, sometimes I never find out what it was.  Our new favorite phrase is, “Avi are you hurt?  Are your feelings hurt?  Well, then you need to calm yourself and then tell me how you need helped”  It works half the time, the other half the time he fusses and frets until he sees I’m just not paying attention to it.

But really, he wakes me every morning (at 0630) with a huge Avi smile and a giant hug and an update on the weather.  Nothing can top that! He opens the curtains and we go downstairs for some yoga before Zoe wakes.  It’s a happy way to start my day!

Some pictures….

whoa a soccer ball.  He mostly wants to throw it. 

out for a ride at the park

riding on the train tracks

biking downtown

off-roading at the construction site

gotta check out the chickens down the road

to work!  actually he loves to Swiffer, so I shortened the handle for him

Avi is obsessed with catching katydids

This was a landmark day.  He had an accident…which got all articles of clothing wet.  I have not carried spares for a while, so he was forced to wear a toga from the sheet I keep in the car for our windshield (so I don’t need to scrape in the winter).  We went to the BX and the library like this. I think he’s lucky we were in the car and not on the bike.  Who knows what he would’ve been wearing.

Donuts on market day. The market is really close to our house.

waiting for the train

making sure the local dog population is cared for

a dirt road past the beans and rice paddy near our house

Dr. Avi ready to administer a shot

Yoga in the morning.  I realize his undies are inside out.

keeping cool out back

heading into the CDC for kids night out.  Surprise!  A “Mingo”!

being goofy at the BX food court

hanging out at the bar at Daddy’s office.

showing us his dino’s mouth

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